We offer bespoke, customised training to meet the needs of your organisation. Below are a number of packages that are currently popular across the public, private and third sector.

Contact us for your particular training needs and a full detailed catalogue of the courses offered.

Course Title
Duration Course Code
Understanding community cohesion and building it into practice 1 day BCCIP-0
CPD for Safeguarding: Advanced Practitioners 1 day PVIN-0216
Understanding and Implementing protected characteristics under The Equality Act (2010) 1 day UAIEDP0417
A day with an Imam series (1): An introduction to Islam in Britain: core doctrine and practices (INSET) for the public sector.
Half a day adaptable for GCSE Religious studies: Islam students with experienced examiner strategies for the exam.
1 or 1/2 day ITI-0217
A day with an Imam series (2): Practical approaches to tackling Islamophobia in the Public sector. 1 day PAT-0218
Addressing Alcohol and substance misuse within BAME communities: barriers, toolkits and engagement strategies. 1 or 1/2 day ADSM-0219
Tackling Forced Marriage: sensitives, toolkits and best practice when engaging with BAME communities. (Joint facilitation with Soraya Jabeen, Safeguarding practitioner) 1 day TFM-1017
Building community cohesion in to practice: strategies for frontline professionals 1 day BCCIP-03105
A day with the Imam series (3) and Children services Practitioner; Exploring culture and cohesion for Muslim children in Placement. (joint facilitation with Debbie Koroma)  1 day LAC-CP-0718
Understanding hate crime: perceptions, effects, legislation and reporting structures for frontline professionals. 1 day UHC-03107
A day with an Imam series (4) Exploring Gangs and youth violence; toolkits, structures and engagement techniques. (Joint facilitation with Raymond Douglas founder of Gangology). 1 day GYVA-1017
Be wise stay safe: Tailored for primary secondary school and college students. 1/2 day BWKS- 0517
Islam, culture and CSE: critical perspectives and understanding for practice (Joint Facilitation) 1 day CSE-SA-0717