Arshad Ashraf FRSC BSc. (Hons). PGCE. PGD. NPQH. PQSI. MA. MSc (oxon)

Arshad is a passionate, determined and uncompromising educational professional with a successful career in teaching, educational leadership and transformation. Arshad’s experience encompasses leadership and transformation roles in schools as well as broader roles leading learning and teaching initiatives at regional, national and international level. 
Arshad has developed and managed both large teams and budgets on time and mission critical projects. Arshad has project managed Learning Enhancement Programmes, in academic and vocational settings, from conception to delivery within large local authorities, across regional enterprise networks as well as nationally. He has worked as a consultant to school leadership teams, and as a senior leader. Arshad has a proven track record as a school inspector and a school improvement Partner, having developed and moved schools’ to outstanding provision through quality support and accurate evaluation of school needs.

A forward-thinking Headmaster, School Governor, OFSTED trained inspector for schools, Free School Trustee and educational consultant, advisor and strategist who displays vision and enthusiasm in leading strategic developments in education. Arshad has over 20 years of experience and success in all aspects of teaching, management and successful design and delivery of educational improvement. A passionate believer in putting the quality of teaching and learning at the heart of a school to create a caring, challenging and inspiring environment where pupils can flourish. Arshad holds an MSc in Education from The University of Oxford (Kellogg College), as well as a Masters in research from Durham University. He is a qualified teacher, OFSTED inspector and Head teacher, holding a PGCE, PQSI and NPQH.

He has an in-depth understanding of promoting equality & diversity, building social capital, and community cohesion and is experienced in stakeholder engagement and values-led organisational-leadership development. Arshad is an experienced educational researcher with a strong interest in muslim education within the UK, ways to advance educational standards for deprived communities, as well as focusing on those who matter most in education, the children and their voices.

Yaseer Ahmed – Key consultant, mentor, advisor, training facilitator and Northern collaborations lead.

Yaseer is an Award Winning Entrepreneur & Clore Social Leadership Programme (CSLP) Fellow.He has an in-depth understanding of promoting equality & diversity, building social capital, and community cohesion. He is further experienced in stakeholder engagement and values-led organisational-leadership development. Having had a range of amazing, unrivalled experiences and achievements, that span the private, public and social sectors.

His comprehension of embedding the community cohesion agenda in to Local Authority delivery frameworks is unrivalled.  Yaseer believes that through values-led collaboration, there is absolutely no challenge too difficult to overcome and no problem too complex to solve. From his work at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, the NHS, the Commission for Racial Equality, the Councillors Commission, the Greater Manchester Police Authority, Bolton CVS, Bolton Council of Mosques, right through to the Local Authority in Bolton; his role has consistently centred around breaking down barriers; cultural transformation; leadership; meaningful engagement and organisational development. He believes in challenging established thinking to achieve results and advocates challenging convention to achieve commercial as well as social returns on investment.

Yaseer’s leadership at The Bolton Council of Mosques is study in positive state-faith relations. He led the organisation through a transformative stage of development and collaboration that saw it become a beacon for government and faith relations. His tenure at the BCoM saw it flourish with numerous partnerships, diverse staff and  an energetic vision. Yaseer is an innovative and resourceful leader and expert facilitator. With experience working at a national, regional and local level.

Sabera Ahsan – Prevent training specialist for BAME women and London collaboration lead.

Sabera has an MSc in terrorism studies from the University of East London. She spent 6 years with Sussex police as a diversity trainer and assessor. In 2009 she became the National Prevent (PVE women’s liaison officer) for the Association of Chief Police officer’s Prevent Delivery Unit (CPPDU). She has also held senior equality and diversity roles in the National Police Improvement Agency. Sabera has spent 4 years at the home office based in the crime directorate managing a wide ranging portfolio of strategies including; youth offending, FGM, women offending, police crime panels and Mental health and policing. Sabera works on Internet safety tools to support parents to understand the dangers of grooming, exploitation, bullying, and radicalization. She currently is the founder and chairwoman of the National Asian Mums network.

  Jangeer Kayani
Midlands lead and CT expert. 

Jangeer Kayani is a recently retired police officer with 30 years’ experience in the West Midlands Police finishing his last 10 years as a Detective Inspector working on Prevent and Channel within the West Midlands CT Unit. Jangeer has worked in a variety of positions within the Police and has extensive operational experience in both uniformed and plain clothes specialist roles. He has policed some of the most challenging and deprived areas in the West Midlands as well as having had significant roles as a senior manager. He is a confident decision maker and problem solver with the ability to motivate and engage. Jangeer is an authority on Prevent and the Channel process. He was responsible for coordinating the restructure of the Channel panels in West Midlands, West Mercia, Warwickshire and Staffordshire Police Force areas. He undertook a wholesale review of the Channel process, which he researched and consulted widely upon with numerous agencies, identifying serious shortfalls in the way these mechanisms operated, particularly around culture, urgency and thresholds. He tackled the underlying issues head on, thereby significantly changing the way these vital supportive processes operate and by doing so greatly improved the protection of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. These changes are now being implemented in other Channel Panels nationally as best practice. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work as a police officer including bravery, lifesaving, leadership and partnership working. Jangeer possesses an extensive array of skills including being an excellent communicator who engages well with the audience and has the ability and skill to deliver a serious and sensitive subject, he is skilful in building strong and effective relationships with diverse communities. He holds outstanding organisational and leadership skills and has an excellent record of working well in high pressure and demanding environments.

Charlotte Hetherington– Training facilitator, Yorkshire and Humberside lead.

Charlotte is an experienced Prevent Coordinator, trainer and facilitator. With an MSc in Terrorism Studies from the University of East London and having undertaken further studies in this area at Kings College, she has an understanding of the arena from both an academic and practitioner perspective. A keen advocate of empowering individuals through education and local network development, Charlotte has created and delivered strategies, projects and events designed to promote a positive sense of identity and a modern approach to the concept of community. This work has addressed developing a counter narratives, steering young people into positive behaviours, and engaging people in educational and business activities.

Debbie KoromaLAC/fostering related training and partnership development lead.

Debbie is a passionate, motivated and authentic individual with Over 30 years’ experience working with disadvantaged families and young people in public and voluntary organisations at community, local, regional, national and International Level. Her diverse career in this field has spanned roles as diverse as Implementation manager and Assistant early intervention Manager at reputable organisations. For instance her role as children’s services manager was at Barnardos spanned 22 years . Debbie therefore has extensive expertise and experience in Looked After Children and Children &Young People leaving care, early year’s education, early intervention with Families and disability. Debbie has a particular interest and expertise in attachment, trauma and resilience based practice’. She strives to ensure practice is inclusive and responsive to each unique and diverse individual and community. She is an Academic, lecturing in youth and community work at Manchester Metropolitan University and holds Professional Qualifications in Youth and Community work, Coaching and mentoring, and Leadership (NPQICL-National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership).